For Sale (Please call for availability of other structures)

  • The Gruber House

    This immaculate cabin is truly a one-of-a-kind.  It was originally part of the Gruber family homestead (of Gruber Wagon’s in Berks County).  It dates to 1834 and stands in Berks County, PA.  It is predominately oak (with some chestnut) with a large timber frame addition.  The cabin footprint is  27.5 foot wide x 31.5 foot […]

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  • Bayonet Cabin

    Beautiful 1840’s 2-story log cabin with Summer kitchen.  House is 22 x 26 foot print with Summer kitchen 14 ft 6in x 25 foot print.  Main cabin all oak.  Logs predominately 9-13 inch.  A few down to 6 inch, some over 13 inch.  One post repair needed and a few log replacements needed.  A bayonet was […]

  • The New Cabin

     The New Cabin!  Now available:  Mid 1800s log home.  This is a corner post log home with a footprint of 20 foot by 26 foot.  It is two stories tall, 16 foot from floor to square.  The 1st floor is 7 foot 7 inch to the 2nd floor joist.   The 2nd floor is 80 inches. Log faces […]

  • Wagon Barn

    This 23 foot 8 inch by 32 foot (footprint) Wagon barn is a great find.  Eleven feet to peak from bottom of front main beam.  Fourteen foot four inches from bottom plate to rafter plate. This structure has beautiful beam sizes. 8×8, 8×10, 8×13, 9×12.   40 inch high Knee wall on second floor.   […]

  • Riving Shed

        See our latest addition.  The Riving Shed.  The winter ‘shop’ where they would work making shingles and such.  With a footprint of 16 x 18 and over 8 ft high- this structure was from the early 1800’s.

  • Dale’s Cabin

    This two story cabin is a wonderful new addition to our current inventory.  The footprint is 25 ft x 28 ft 11 inches.  

  • American Chestnut Barn

      This 30 x 36 foot print beauty is a must view.  From floor – rafter plate 14′ 6″ .  Our standard bank barn houses predominately hand hewn chestnut.      

  • The Ring Barn

      The Ring Barn!  With a foot-print of 35 x 70 this nearly perfect condition structure is a must see.  Hand Hewn Oak and Pine.  15 foot to top of Rafter plate, 13 foot 8 inches to top of Collar tie and 26 foot to peak.  Queen posts are 8 inches to pulin from collar […]

  • Cabin

        Our new Summer addition – an Oak Log cabin with a footprint of 22 x 26 foot.  This cabin offers  1.5 stories with 1st floor height of 8 foot.  2nd floor knee wall.  Oak.  No rafters.   29″ to windows,   33.5″ on top.

  • Berks Barn

      A new addition – see our White Pine Barn.  23 x 60 Footprint.  14.5 feet to top plate.   First floor 8 foot – Floor to peak 28 ft.  

  • Bern Cabin

    Our 24 x 26 Bern Cabin is available dismantled and tagged.  Re-construction can be arranged as well.  One wall has exterior burns – but the fire did not compromise the support post.  Replacement parts for damaged areas provided.  

  • Russ Barn

    Our Russ Barn has a 30 x 66 Footprint.  This barn frame, siding and rafters are all available.

  • The Little Barn

                    Check out our Little Barn!  Footprint 54 x 75   Very nice rafters and vertical purlins around the outside wall  frame with rafters.    Notice the vertical oak 3 x 6 all the way around the outside wall.  It gives a great look when rebuilt.

  • Coal Barn

      Another new structure to view!  Footprint measures  52 by 70.  Dismantled and tagged.  Sawn white oak vertical with hewn crossties 9 by 9 posts.  

  • The Red Barn

    Be sure to check out our new Oak and Hemlock Red Barn – with a foot print of  35×50. There are all hand hewn 10 x 12 cross ties. Vertical posts 12 x 12.    

  • Templeton Barn

      Another great frame for you!  This structure offers a 30 x 54 footprint.   3 Bays.  Frame Only.  Period siding rafters could be made available.

  • The Andrew Barn

    Beautiful new addition – a 30 x 50 approximate footprint. This structure’s frame is available dismantled and tagged. Over 23′ Floor to peak, 2 bays at 14 foot, 1 bay at 18 foot.

  • Mt. Pleasant Barn

    Mt Pleasant sold This 45 ‘ x 80’ structure offers a Hand Hewn Oak frame with cut stone.  Includes the frame and the stone.  Peak to roof is approximately 26 – 27 feet.   Period rafters can be added to purchase if desired.  Be sure to view the gallery of photos that reveal the beautiful […]

  • Shank Cabin

    Visit the Shank Cabin – purchased back in 1950’s, this two story Log Home may date back to the 1800’s and earlier.  This 30 x 40 footprint holds two-full stories of Hand Hewn Oak with ceiling heights on both floors between 8-9 feet.  Log faces measure 7&8’s up to 10’s and 12’s.  The corner posts […]

  • Fryville Barn

    Welcome to the latest addition of our Structures list!  With a footprint measuring 50 feet x 47 feet, this Barn would be sold as a 3-bay barn (although four bays,  three are good).  Check out the two sets of purlins.  This frame is mixed softwoods with a sawn frame.

  • Waynesboro Barn

    Waynesboro Barn Welcome to the latest addition in our offered structures listing.  Our Waynesboro Barn has a footprint of 35 x 54.  Just check out this frame!  See the hand hewn oak. The Uprights are 11-12″.

  • Prince Barn

    This Structure is No longer Available   Welcome to the details of the Prince Barn!  This barn is on of the cleanest, most pristine frames we have ever come across.  The dimensions of the barn are 62′ 4″ by 41′. The forebay is 7′ and the main frame is 34′.  There are 3 bays.  The […]

  • Scarecrow Barn

    The Scarecrow Barn A visit through God’s Country brought us this Scarecrow Barn in Central PA!  From approximately the early 1800’s to 1840’s  this barn has a  rough footprint of 29 ft x 35 ft.  Floor to peak 24 ft. and from the second floor loft to peak is 16 ft.  3/4 round rafters.  The […]

  • Berger Barn

    The Berger Barn is one of the most exceptional barn frames we’ve encountered.  A traditional, Pennsylvania bank barn, it is a hand hewn oak frame with an overall footprint of 40 ft by 85 ft!  The barn was built in 1850 by George Berger and the history of the land is as interesting as the […]

  • Danielsville Barn

    This structure is no longer available   This Gambrel Roof Bank barn is located in Danielsville, PA.  It has 4 bays, and measures 60′ by 40′.  It is a turn of the century, mixed species sawn frame with mortise and tenon jointery.  There are three beautiful ladder systems in it and it has tall sides, […]

  • Ringo Hills Barn

    Sawn and hewn chestnut 34 ft by 56 ft barn frame

  • Ivan’s Blacksmith Barn

    Sawn oak barn frame measuring 16 ft by 40 ft

  • Carlisle Corn Crib

    Hand pegged sawn oak 23.5ft by 32 ft corn crib

  • Blacksmith Barn

    Hand hewn oak barn measuring 30′ wide by 38’9″ long

  • Cow Town Cabin

    Two stories with an attic measuring 42’4″ x 24’3″

  • Myersville Log Cabin

    Oak and chestnut 12 x 12 cabin

  • Reedville Barn

    This structure is no longer available. This barn stands in central Pa and dates to the turn of the last century. It is a sawn hemlock barn that is an impeccable, clean crisp frame. Most of the frame is vertically sawn and the entire frame is mortised and tenoned with wooden pegs. The uprights measure […]

  • Lapp’s Cabin

    Early 1800’s 24 by 30 feet hand hewn oak log cabin.

  • Biever Frame

    Hand hewn and sawn oak 30 by 42′ timber frame.

  • Helmold Barn

    This structure is no longer available. It is 31 x 32 ft. and from the sleepers to the eaves is 11’10”. The beams are large, hand-hewn oak.  The barn could easily be made 14’7″ tall by removing the sleepers, and slightly modifying the center bent.  If someone wanted to leave it as two stories, the barn could sit on side walls […]

  • German Cabin

    Three story 24 by 30 feet hand hewn oak cabin

  • Greenawalt Barn Frame

    This structure is no longer available. We have a hand hewn oak and chestnut barn available that is already dismantled, tagged and ready to be shipped.  It is a two bay barn with bays measuring 16 ft and 13 ft.  The overall size of the barn is 29 by 33 ft.  and is 15 ft. […]

  • Hissong Cabin

    Hand hewn oak 1.5 story 38 by 30 cabin

  • Civil War Cabin

    This structure is no longer available. This is the most amazing cabin we have ever or will ever find.  The structure itself and the history are unbelievable and never to be found again.  The house is in Northern Maryland in the Valley of Antietam.  We are in the middle of some historical research and will […]

  • Blue Ridge Chapel

    1898 Church; open floorplan

  • Kauffman’s Carriage House

    This structure is no longer available. Kauffman’s carriage house is an 18 ft. by 26 ft. 2 story carriage barn dating to the late 1800’s.  It probably originally housed wagons, but at some point appears to have been used as living or working quarters, as there was 3 finished stories.  It is a sawn hemlock frame […]

  • Bloomsburg Barn

    This structure is no longer available.         Bloomsburg Barn 4800 sq ft.  sawn hemlock barn frame!  This barn is a massive, immaculate sawn hemlock frame.  The overall square footage is 4800 ft on the first floor alone.  It would be ideal as a home conversion or as a home conversion w/ attached […]

  • Pennsburg Barn

    35 by 72 ft. hand hewn oak barn

  • Foreman Barn

    This structure is no longer available. 30 by 40 ft. quartersawn oak barn.  This beautiful barn is made of predominately quartersawn oak.  The markings in the beams are outstanding and beautiful.  It dates to the mid 1800’s and was the hay barn on the Foreman Farm in Montgomery County, Pa.  It measures 55 by 30 […]

  • Sunday’s Cabin

    This structure is no longer available.  2 full stories, 28 by 35 ft. log home.   This gorgeous cabin is a 2.5 story cabin, hand hewn pine with faces ranging from 10-17”!  Unbelievable condition. According to locals, Sunday’s cabin was once the original church in this small Pa. town.  This cabin is the biggest and nicest we have […]