The Watershed Summer Kitchen

The Watershed Cabin’s Summer Kitchen sits on a property that was once the heart of a tiny village in Lebanon County, PA with the only blacksmith and gunsmith for miles sitting adjacent to the lot. The original log cabin was a one-story believed to have been built in the early 1700’s. Approximately 150 years later, the second story was added. The property stayed in one family until only a couple of years ago and the 85-year-old woman who sold it from that family is still alive and full of stories. While she doesn’t know why, the house was originally called “the watershed.” After some research, we learned that centuries ago, “watershed” was often used to describe a property or area that was a split, separation or divide. It could be a divide between adjacent valleys or a more figurative divide, possibly between groups of people. We’ll be doing more research over the next few weeks and let you know what we find! The property also featured a barn, chicken coop and spring house – it was truly an early American homestead.

The Summer Kitchen measures 14’ x 18.’ The uprights are hewn oak 6” x 6” beams. The height from floor to ceiling is 87″ at the peak.

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