Reclaimed Skip Planed Oak Floors (Tavern Floor)

Reclaimed from original barn floor boards, antique skip planed oak flooring is planed down from the planks’ original thickness. Boards that were originally 1 – 2 inches thick are planed down to 3/4,” exposing the boards character (sawmarks, nail holes, etc.) while achieving an even surface. Skip planing takes only the high spots off the board, leaving much of the original surfaces while creating an even, straight board for ease of installation.

Reclaimed skipped planed oak flooring example


Species: Oak  |  Widths: Random 3″ – 9″   |  Lengths: 4′ – 12′

Sold ready to install, kiln dried, with tongues and grooves

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Restoring History. Preserving the Environment.

“The pioneer’s love of wood and his skill in using it, as well as surviving examples of it, are fast disappearing. To try to revive an understanding and adoration for wood seems as hopeless as trying to bring back the horse and buggy. But to revive the eloquence of those times is indeed worthwhile.”

-Eric Sloane

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