Reclaimed Mushroom Wood 

Did you know that Southeastern Pennsylvania happens to be home to “The Mushroom Capital of the World?”

While this may not seem to be relevant for reclaiming wood…it is!  Mushroom Wood is typically cut from hemlock or cypress wood and is used to line the walls of mushroom houses located predominantly in Eastern Pennsylvania.

There are two different processes for growing mushrooms – one requires lining the wood walls of mushroom houses with  fabric on which the mushrooms grow. The second process leaves the mushroom board walls uncovered. Both processes allow the enzymes in the mushroom soil to eat away the surface of the wood, creating contours and variations in the wood and a very unique look which we refer to as Quaker Board or Mushroom Wood. Every few decades, the wood is replaced, making Reclaimed Mushroom Wood readily available to us and to you!

Our Mushroom Wood is currently available in two varieties:  Quaker Board and Whitewashed Mushroom.

Quaker Board has a good amount of texture.

Whitewashed Mushroom is sanded and painted three times with a whitewash to accentuate the grooves and contours.

The advantage to this siding, over typical barn siding, is its consistency and low-waste factor.  The boards come in widths of 8″ and lengths of 8′, 12′ or 16′ so the yield is very high in comparison to random-width, random-length barn siding. This quickens the installation process.  They are exceptional for interior and exterior use and are delivered ready to install.

 Savvy Wood TipThe smoother backside of Quaker Board has no wear and is a great alternative to Brown Board for an interior barn wood. The texture and color of the backs is very consistent and is great for use on exposed ceilings or walls. The advantage of Quaker Board over typical barn siding is the consistency of its board lengths and widths and low waste factor. Compared to random-width, random-length barn siding boards, Quaker Board yield is very high. This helps to quicken the installation process.




Species: Hemlock & Cypress  |  Width: Typically 8″  |  Length: 8,’ 12′ or 16′

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Restoring History. Preserving the Environment.

“The pioneer’s love of wood and his skill in using it, as well as surviving examples of it, are fast disappearing. To try to revive an understanding and adoration for wood seems as hopeless as trying to bring back the horse and buggy. But to revive the eloquence of those times is indeed worthwhile.”

-Eric Sloane

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