Reclaimed Brownboard Siding

Antique barn siding has many building applications. “Brownboard” refers to the unweathered, unpainted side of a piece of barn wood siding or cladding from other historic agrarian structures. When the backside of barn siding is displayed on a ceiling or a wall, it looks as if you are in a barn looking at the original ceiling or walls.

Brownboard may be installed horizontally or vertically and is a popular choice for application on exposed roofs and ceilings, rustic bars and counters and accent walls. It can also be used for interior barn renovations such as loft flooring or den walls.


Reclaimed brownboard bar example


Species: Typically Pine or Hemlock  |  Width: Random 5″ – 12″  |  Length: Random 4′ – 14′  |  Thickness: 3/4″ –  4/4″

Interior applications include: Walls, Bars and Ceilings

This material can be run horizontally or vertically. If run horizontally, it must be milled to like widths, so you can create even rows when installing. If run vertically, random widths can be used. In either direction, milling the back is optional. Milling the back of the board will create a more even appearance. If not milled, material from the same “batch” of siding will be supplied so that the thickness variations are minimal. Without milling, there is a more primitive look and a less–than–perfect seam. There is an additional cost to mill the backs. The cost is higher for horizontal and in order to price your job, we would need to know the specifics of the order and how many widths you need.

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Nautical Wood as Brownboard

Reclaimed nautical wood brownboard ceiling example

Another option for exposed ceilings and walls is to use the backs of reclaimed nautical wood; rather than barnwood. It comes only in 6″ or 8″ widths and does not have quite the depth of color, but is an economical reclaimed alternative. When milled on the fronts to create an even surface, these boards finish at 5/8″ thick.

Restoring History. Preserving the Environment.

“The pioneer’s love of wood and his skill in using it, as well as surviving examples of it, are fast disappearing. To try to revive an understanding and adoration for wood seems as hopeless as trying to bring back the horse and buggy. But to revive the eloquence of those times is indeed worthwhile.”

-Eric Sloane

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