Wagon Shed

  • December 14th

This pegged, 16 by 20 sawn frame would be an ideal garage/workshop.  It is a mixed species sawn frame dating to the late 1800’s.  It is difficult to tell from some angles that it is painted white, but that will come off with pressure washing if you prefer natural wood.  Although the rafters were removed by the time we took this photo, there is a full set of the original rafters.  All repairs except were made as the building was dismantled and the building has been tagged, printed and dismantled.  The only change to these photos is where a car would enter.  It was quite low, so we replaced the crosstie on that side with a beam to be put up higher which can’t be placed cut to length until reassembly.  Upon reassembly, there will be ample room to pull a truck in on that side.

Wagon_Shed_02-360x270 Wagon_Shed_01-360x270