Docks to Doorways Project

  • March 11th
Docks to Doorways Interior

Docks to Doorways

We are very excited to have been a part of the “Docks to Doorways” Project in Augusta, Maine.   The Docks to Doorways is an educational program aiming to raise environmental and ecological awareness for property owners, boaters, and nature lovers on and near Belgrade Lake.

The center of the project is a barn that we dismantled and sent to Maine.   The barn used, affectionately named, “Mr. Potter’s Barn” is an 1800’s barnframe from Indiana County, Pennsylvania.  For more information, or to follow construction of the building in Augusta, check out the Maine Lakes Resource Center.

I still tell people how we were one beam short and jay and his buddy drove that one beam up to Maine from PA so we could meet our deadline. –Matt