Quaker Board

We happen to be nestled in the “Mushroom capital of America” and while this may not seem to be relevant for reclaiming wood….it is!  Mushroom wood is the wood that lines the walls of the mushroom houses and every few decades, it is replaced.  Quaker Board is used in mushroom houses but are covered with a fabric lining that the mushrooms grow on.   The wood is typically hemlock and cypress and the enzymes in the mushrooms eat away the softest part of the wood, creating a completely unique look.  The fabric lining creates a consistent thickness and much less texture as opposed to the Nautical Boards.  The advantage to this siding over typical barn siding is the consistency and low waste factor.  They are not random width nor random length (all come in either 6 or 8″ and lengths of 8,10, 12 ft), so the yield is very high in comparison to random width, random length barn siding and this quickens the installation process as well.   They are exceptional for either interior or exterior use.  Quaker boards are brushed in a machine to remove any dirt or particles and are ready to install.


Species: Hemlock & Cypress
Length: 8 – 12′