Grey & Brown Barn Siding

Silver Grey Siding


Barn siding has a look all its own created not only by time, but weather.  Reclaimed barn siding has several beautiful applications:  re-used as exterior siding or interior paneling.  Not only does each barn have character of its own, but more often than not each side of a barn has a different degree of wear depending on whether it faced the sun, the wind, and the elements.

Weathered barn wood is the original, exterior weathered surface of barn siding.  It comes in both brown and grey and has texture variations caused by years of wind, weather and wear.  Within each color is also a vast range.  In a typical “batch” of unpainted weathered barnwood, you can expect to find a range of shades from light brown to gray. Sizes comes in random widths and lengths and typically ranges from 5-12″ wide and 4-16′ long. It is normally 3/4-4/4″ thick. Anything less than 3/4″ would be considered what we call “paneling grade.” Down to 1/2″ thick is acceptable for decorative purposes, but we would not recommend using it in a structural manner.

Widths: 5-12″
Lengths: 4-16′
Thickness: 3/4-4/4″
Thicknesses between 1/2″ and 3/4″ is what is considered “paneling grade” which we do not recommend using in a structural manner.