Pennsburg Barn

This structure is no longer available.

This barn stands in Pennsburg Pa and is located on a once thriving dairy farm, now completely vacated and ready for new construction.  Our hope is to save at least the barn and hopefully some other outbuildings on this beautiful farm. The barn is a stone bank barn with hand hewn oak framing.  The outside measurements of the barn are 72 by 35 ft.  With the stone walls, barn has four bays and five bents.  There are several options for this barn:  one is to rebuild it with stone gable ends.  Another is to use modern framing on the two ends with either reclaimed material that you could leave exposed or conventional material with drywall over it.  A third is to use only the three center bents, creating a 30 by 35 ft. structure.  However in this scenario, the roofline would need to be flipped.  Finally, this barn could offer three amazing hand hewn bents with original wooden ladders to a more modern home.  In either case, this structure lends itself beautifully to a second floor which would rest at appx. 11 ft. and still leave another 14 ft. to the peak of the roof.   The upright posts are roughly 10″ by 6″ hand hewn oak with 6″ by 6″ through 10″ by 6″ crosses throughout.