Mt. Pleasant Barn

Mt Pleasant sold Mt Pleasant sold

This 45 ‘ x 80’ structure offers a Hand Hewn Oak frame with cut stone.  Includes the frame and the stone.  Peak to roof is approximately 26 – 27 feet.   Period rafters can be added to purchase if desired.  Be sure to view the gallery of photos that reveal the beautiful interior structure as well.  This building offers 5 bays, 4 bents.  The uprights are a mix of 9×9 through 10×10 mix.  Nothing smaller than a 9×9.  The sizes of bays are four at 15 foot each, and one at 20 foot.  One of the bents has only one upright – allowing for uninterrupted space between two of the bays.  (See photo of drawing).  Storage of up to one year is available.  Reassembly is also available at additional charge.