Lapp’s Cabin

  • March 14th

This log cabin is an 18 by 24 ft., full two story, hand hewn pine structure.  The timber frame addition measures 17 by 16 ft. and is also a full two stories with an attic.  The cabin dates to the mid 1800’s and stands in Central Pa.  The logs range from 9″ to 15″ wide and are in beautiful condition.   The first floor ceiling height in the cabin is appx. 8 ft. and the second floor is 7 ft. (the attic is 6 ft. at the peak).  The heights in the timber frame addition are 8.5 ft on the first floor, 7.5 ft on the second and 5 ft at the peak of the attic.  The addition is also pine.  This structure is available as a cabin only or with the timber frame addition.  The frame, floor joists systems and rafters are included in both buildings.  There are two possible replacements necessary on the cabin which are also included in the cost.