Kauffman’s Carriage House

  • March 14th

This structure is no longer available.

Kauffman’s carriage house is an 18 ft. by 26 ft. 2 story carriage barn dating to the late 1800’s.  It probably originally housed wagons, but at some point appears to have been used as living or working quarters, as there was 3 finished stories.  It is a sawn hemlock frame with some very minor issues, but in overall good shape.  It originally stood in Centre County, Pa.  The rafters were already taken down in these photos, but are included.  The upright posts are roughly 8 by 8″ and the crossties are roughly 7 by 7″.  The height to the bottom of the crossties is 7-7.5 ft. (As you can see in the photos, the ties are not all at matching heights, the original floors were stepped down several inches….this can be altered if you prefer).  The height from the top of the crossties to the bottom of the top plate is 6-6.5 ft.  The height from the top of top plate to the peak of the building is appx. 5 ft.  As it originally stood, there were two floors and a very low attic.  The height of this could easily be adjusted to afford either two stories plus a loft or two stories w/ no loft, but cathedral ceilings upstairs.  The bents are arranged to create two areas of open space, measuring 18 by 13 ft each and the overall square footage without an attic or loft is just under 1000 ft.  This building would lend itself perfectly to either a guest cottage, workshop or studio or perhaps even a very small home.  This building is tagged and dismantled and stored in Bucks County, Pa.