Civil War Cabin

  • August 20th
This structure is no longer available.
This is the most amazing cabin we have ever or will ever find.  The structure itself and the history are unbelievable and never to be found again.  The house is in Northern Maryland in the Valley of Antietam.  We are in the middle of some historical research and will have more documentation available soon, but what we have found so far is that according to John Schildt (historian and author of Four Days in October) this property was likely the headquarters for General McClellan.  On October 2, 1862, it is believed that Abraham Lincoln stayed at this property and met with General McClellan to discuss his desire for McClellan to attack General Lee’s army.  There is also a picture of President Lincoln standing on the second story porch of this home.
The structure itself is just as amazing; it is a hand hewn oak, corner post cabin measuring 42 ft by 24 ft with 10 ft ceilings downstairs and 9.5 ft ceilings upstairs.  The average log width is 9-10″ with 5-6″ gaps between logs.   The original house dates to the 1760’s!
The reason for dismantling is bittersweet.  Unfortunately, there was a fire in the addition to the original home (thankfully not to the original home).  The fire spread to the attic of the addition and there was severe smoke damage to the rafters and top several courses of logs in the original home (the home was originally 3 stories!…..a 1700’s mansion).    Fortunately, there is a full two story home still intact. There are a few repairs necessary which will be included in the cost.   As you’ll see in the photos, the home is already being dismantled.  Because the addition was so badly burned, there was a huge liability for the property owner.   As such, his insurance company gave him very little time to remove the building.  So little, that just two weeks ago he was going to knock in down for fear that someone would enter the property and be injured.  Thankfully, he was willing to allow this part to be carefully dismantled if it could be done immediately.