Carlisle Corn Crib

Sold Carlisle

We have a structure available from a farm near Carlisle, PA. It’s original use was as a corn crib. A corn crib is a type of granary used to dry and store corn. After the harvest, corn, still on the cob, is placed in the crib either with or without the husk. The typical corn crib has slats in its walls which allow air to circulate through the corn, both allowing it to dry initially and helping it to stay dry. Most corn cribs have an open space in middle for accessing the corn and promoting airflow….this space was often used to store wagons.

In a more modern use, these buildings make fantastic outbuildings, garages, small studios, etc. This particular corn crib is a hand pegged sawn oak frame. The overall measurements are 23.5 ft wide by 32 ft. long. The beams measure approximately 6 by 6″. The downstairs floor height (to bottom of second floor joists) is 10’2″. Upstairs, the floor to peak height is 7’6″. The rafters are 2″ by 5.5″ spruce. The interior posts sit 4’5″ from the exterior posts on both sides. The inside to inside distance between exterior posts and inside row of posts if 3’7″. The wide open space in the center is 14’6″.