Blue Ridge Chapel

  • March 14th

This structure is no longer available.

Blue Ridge Summit Church:  We have never had anything like this!  This church was built in 1898 in Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.  The area was considered the “Hamptons” for Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC.   The church was designed by prestigious architect, T. Buckler Ghequier of Baltimore who specialized in building churches.  The church was the “white church” and just across the street is the small “colored church”.  (Ironic considering its’ proximity to Gettysburg, PA).  Although there are some serious issues with parts of the church, the beautiful trusses are still intact.  The church frame consists of 8 elaborate trusses.  The overall footprint is 32 ft. by 60 ft. and it is a clear span.  Also salvageable are the eyebrow windows, stone entranceway (appx. 4 ft by 11 ft stone), porches, handcut limestone foundation.  Recently, architect Isaac Lowry of Falling Waters, WV, did some research on this building and found postcards of the church as well as a magazine article about the project (article from 1902).  He also drew some elevations of the church as it originally stood.  This would be an amazing project for someone to take on to restore to its’ orginal condition and we do have the information necessary to do that.  It was also be a wonderful building to “steal” parts from and incorporate into another building



mazing as a more modern conversion, using the detailed trusses as the focal point.