Contractors Specials

In an effort to make room in our warehouse, we are having regular sales on certain packs of reclaimed lumber.  These packs are not defective, unless noted, they are simply not in high demand, an unusual product, or leftover material from another job.  

They are great, however, for contractors who are regularly in need of reclaimed materials, homeowners who want to incorporate antique material into their project at a low price point, or someone looking for a unique product.  



Threshing Floor

Threshing Floor

All of these packs have some defect by our standards.  They may have oil stains, not lay flat enough, or may not be top grade.  Threshing is regularly priced at $10-12/sq ft and this material is all $5/sq ft.


Oak Threshing:

10″+ wide by 4′-13′ long by 2″ thick oak planks.
Appx. 425 ft.

$ 2000

oak thresh edit 1



Chestnut Threshing:

11″ wide by 9.5′-14.5′ long, by 2″ thick chestnut planks.
Appx. 65 ft.

$ 325

oak thresh edit 2



Oak Threshing:

6″ wide by ~15′ long by 2″ thick original barn flooring.
Appx. 20 ft.

$ 100

oak thresh edit 3




Oak & Chestnut Rafters: 

3″ x 4″ x 15.5′-16′ / Total of 16 pieces

$ 1000
oak rafters edit

Softwood Rafters:

3.5″ x 3.5″ x 16′-17′ / Total of 13 pieces

$ 750
sw rafters edit

White Pine Rafters:

2.5″ x 4″-6″ x 18.5′ / Total of 14 pieces
Appx. 325 ft.

$ 1400 for set.
pine rafters edit


Visit our shop to view these and other materials Thursdays-Saturdays from 10 to 5.