Amish Made Furniture

Amish Made Furniture

We have collaborated with both an Amish woodworker and an Amish metalworker to offer a quality, economical furniture line for customers who do not have the budget for custom, handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture, yet who still want something unique or reclaimed.  



Slabs are “as-is” and while we can accommodate a species and size range, we cannot accommodate exact sizes or degree of character.  Each piece is unique and the character of the individual pieces dictates the overall look.


Reclaimed Wood Tables:

Reclaimed tables can be more customized, however, they too are unique in that each piece of wood has a different character than the last.  With reclaimed tables, the customer can choose:

Tapered or turned legs or pedestal base

Square, rectangle or round top

Thickness of top

Wood will be mixed species of barnwood only


We will also sell pieces individually (i.e. top only, legs only, etc)


Iron Bases:

We offer 4 designs of iron bases in either 5 or 6 ft.  We are, however working with a skilled metalworker and may be able to create custom pieces as well if you are able to provide a photo.


Restaurants and Larger Volumes

We can accommodate stool and table orders for large orders.  Please ask us for more details.