Bloomsburg Barn

  • March 14th
This structure is no longer available.         Bloomsburg Barn 4800 sq ft.  sawn hemlock barn frame!  This barn is a massive, immaculate sawn hemlock frame.  The overall square footage is 4800 ft on the first floor alone.  It would be ideal as a home conversion or as a home conversion w/ attached garage.  It is an L-shaped barn with one area of 67 ft by 40 ft and another area of 51 by 42 ft.  (although it is all one room).  It is a clean, crisp barn in nearly perfect condition.  Hemlock is a bug and rot resistant wood and makes for beautiful barns.  The upright posts measure between 8 by 10 and 10 by 10.  It would be ideal for a second floor, as the crossties sit at 11 ft. and the upstairs would be almost wide open.  The wall height is 17 ft, the peak is at 32 ft.  This barn includes everything: flooring, siding, roofboards, basement floor system (large, sawn hemlock beams would could be moved to the upper level to create a second floor with original materials).  This is probably the cleanest barn we’ve ever seen in regard to beams and the layout.  There are huge areas of uninterrupted space and endless options for its’ reuse.