Blacksmith Barn

  • April 22nd
This structure is no longer available. DSCF7856 The Blacksmith Barn stands on the same farm in Lehigh County, PA as the Blacksmith Carriage Barn. The outside measures 30' wide by 38'9" long. It is a hand hewn oak frame with two beautiful ladder systems. There are three bays which would lend themselves well to a loft which would sit at 15 feet.  The frame is 14' to the eaves. North and south wall posts: 7" x 9" Interior posts: 6" x 6" Wind braces: 6" x 6" Perimeter cross ties: 4" x 4" Collar ties: 7" x 7" Queen posts: 6" x 6" Purlins: 6" x 6.5" Rafters: 3" x 6" at bottom; 3" x 4" at top Roof: 8 pitch Take a tour of the barn: